September 4, 2011


Yes, I spelt Redken wrong so sorry. I had a 45 minute time frame to kick out a good design piece and I personally believe it went rather well! I feel like with more time and a correctly spelled word this would be even better.
*I am starting to notice that when I just jump into things, they end up being all around better compositions
As for my drawing here, not complete but I really liked where I was going with this! Not sure why these unfinished pieces are being uploaded though.

The Dancer

First piece of the semester? CHECK (Photo is not final product)
I loved this lesson of movement, and I was able to practice my proportions. People are not just complicated in mind, but in drawing too.
I loved using line variation with the charcoal.
I also enjoyed the relation of this into my theme of Vogue, dance is always in fashion.