October 10, 2011

Alter book pages

This is the first collage piece that I put in my alterbook. The theme for this page was "blinded." I took it rather literally and placed three figures in different environments and well, blinded them. With X's, then I placed a rather focal point in the center, (to the side a bit), the big red dot. I'm not sure if there is any meaning behind it, but I feel like it ties them all together.

Here we have the cover of my alterbook. With my theme of "Vogue" and fashion, I just threw it all on there. The meaning, a model and a jacket. Very simple subjects on both the front and back, in a achromatic color scheme. Something about this piece that is rather small is the dull hits of color. In the buttons of the jacket, the brain scan photos and the picture of the front of the paris cafe. They are dull, warm and to me ad a sense of personality. Its almost ironic, fashion is all about expression, and this piece...is black and white.

October 9, 2011

My concentration

Well I have found my forte, in collage.
Fashion, and magazines and glue is where I belong.

I of course am still experimenting in different mediums but, collage.
I'll be uploading the things I have recently finished soon.