February 20, 2011

Post 8: Pictures from the McColl Center

So If you haven't seen my post on The Art studio, go check that out first here http://rhhsart.blogspot.com/2011/02/mccoll-center-for-visual-art.html#comments

Ashley (Barnes) came with, and we used her Nikon d60 with a 35 mm fixed lens. These here are all ones she took. We also have a little discussion on one of her photographs that I really want to get some feed back on yadda yadda.
(yet I am conflicted with uploading these for the rule on no pictures of us...but these are great and I want to share them. Hum I'll save them for later and play it safe.)

Erin Riley

Marcia Jones

Patricia Steele Raible

February 14, 2011

Post 7: Precisionism Class piece 1

So this piece I really like now it has the black and white monochromatic feel along with red that really pops and creates a form of balance amongst the piece. I really learned the lesson of balance in this because the perspective poses that draw of the eye yet... level with the over whelming white and red "out of place" color. Almost like I had taken the picture to begin with and black and whited the entire picture except for the red film. Also, it's rather abstract because you don't really know what it is. It is actually lights from the aditorium. They remind me at lights at the shows I go to. The ones that blink and such. I like this piece now. I didn't like the challenge of painting flat, but at least now I know how to do it.

Happy Valentines Day! I like sugar.