August 31, 2012

Taking a break

I feel like I'm already killing myself with all this work and not taking a moment to look around and enjoy life a little bit. How can I be inspired if I'm not living? So many things to do before I have more things to do.

There is also like this thing of getting to know the people who I've met more in depth. Some are more awesome than others ... It's like the human condition of judging kicks in. I don't like people who smoke anything or drinking and parties or any of that and my friend who is not an art major said she was invites to 6 different parties in one night. I only ever heard of some but it looks like the art department is like this extension of the rest of the school. Winthrop really is not just global but diverse in itself.

I really seeing how God is moving in my life it's just so hard when I'm sleep deprived and always have something to do or work on.

Today in my intro to fine art class my 3D professor did a talk on sketch books and what they are and just it was insane. Insane awesome so I'll be changing the name of this blog shortly.

I miss my brother

August 29, 2012

August 28, 2012

First late night & coffee in Rutledge

Being able to work on such a magnificent space is just... I love it. There are so many people there in the middle of the night it's perfect because I get feedback on work and time goes by faster with company and music and it's great. It's just great. I got a lot done tonight,so far I've kept up with no procrastinating... It's fabu. Not to mention meeting new people who are believers in the art department is not impossible. I love over lapping community.

August 27, 2012

Every Monday...

I'm going to have this long two hour break between my writing and 3D class and well I don't know what to do so I'm just reading over my assignment again for drawing because I don't remember if my fundamentals book is for 2D or intro class. My materials should be in the mail today... Hopefully. I'm going I start reading pastor Stevens book Greater and so far it's good, of course. I also added my orange bow to my portfolio. I think always having that will be a reminder for me that I'm never alone.

August 26, 2012

Longest week of my life

Welcome week is over and it's back to real life tomorrow morning. I go back to work on Tuesday and I'm kind of nervous. I'm working in Rutledge late night for the first time to see if I can get this work done. No one is here with me and I'm jamming out and I felt like a quick post with some pics would be a good idea of a break... Since I don't have dinner. So some pics from my first week and then student takeover with Elevation church! I got to be a chaperone and see some kids do some great work. We went white water rafting, some outreach and some outreach within our church! Tons of inspiration to work farther to set and example for my girls.

August 21, 2012

Syllabus shock

Printed off the syllabi for drawing and 2D design. Everyone wants me to have a sketchbook... So I have one for each class? The only supplies that over lap are pencils, erasers and an exacto knife.

The individual things aren't expebsive but I know it's going to add up and I just really need that check to come. Let's go Winthrop.

Also let's not forget to mention that scholarship I should hear about in the next week.

Grilled cheese yum.

Bye bye $$$

So I just left my drawing 101 class and I'm sitting in this freshman meeting and Holy cow I'm going to learn so much this semester. It's odd though I thought I'd be behind everyone but I think on a happy medium. The only thing I'm kind weirded out about is I need to go buy all of these supplies and a lot I already have and I wanna get the big easy things like sketchbooks and such from online cause I have that certificate. Wanna wait till I visit all my classes though so I don't double buy or have to make more than 1 trip to hobby lobby. I gotta get that book... And read it by Thursday. Ugh

Here is my supplies list:
-1 paper
/newsprint pad 18x24... Two pads*
/Strath more or other medium weight paper 80lbs... Drawing pad 18x24

- pencils
/soft pencils 2B to 8b *
B is soft h is hard
/graphite sticks

- charcoal
/ compressed medium to soft*
/charcoal pencils medium to soft
\ vine charcole , medium to soft 2 sticks *

-conte crayon and or pencils
/ black, white * sepia sanguine or red brown

- kneaded erasers , pink pearl , art gum or vinyl

/11x14 or 8x 10
/ pocket sketchbook 3x5

-other materials
/ crow quill or other pen
/ portfolio *
/Pencil sharpener *
/ drafting or masking tape *
/chamois skin or other artist stamp*
/2 to 4 bulldog clips *
/workable fixative
/may knife , exacto knife *
/supply box

Some pics of our first drawing.... Still life. We had no direction really and u just kinda winged it. At least I'm not a photography major... They don't know anything drawing and some people are like self taught. :O I feel prepared. Much to do, laundry

August 20, 2012

Class is in t-minus 10 hours

Ok so I got a handy iPhone so that means on the go current content! Woo for documentation! So at 8 am I have my first meeting for my drawing 101 class. When was the last time I drew something?

With that being said I'm thinking I'll grab some pencils and my sketch book and just... Go to class.

The past couple days with welcome week and meeting tons and tons of people have been both hard on me yet so rewarding. I've realized so many positive and negative things about me.

-I know everyone and everywhere in Rock Hill
- I am like ridiculously friendly
- everyone at winthrop wants to be there and learn, it's motivating
- most art kids don't know what they want to do, like myself... In terms of medium to concentrate in.

- I find myself being very worried on what other ART Kids will think of me... As for other majors not so much.
- I realized that this whole college thing is like another world, people may not like me here
- commuting to school vs. staying on campus is almost more stressful than moving into and living in a dorm.
- I don't know when and what to eat
- walking around campus is a WORKOUT ( I'm so glad I didn't got I USC)

These are just some of really big things that I've noticed of the past couple days. On Sunday was so stretched thin by being leader and events and winthrop and not a good nights sleep and great goodness I had a meeting with my small group that afternoon. They were able to help me see through the rough patch in only the couple days that I had experienced.

Knowing that Jesus is with me through all if this is... Is making this experience to me in such a new light winthrop is like the battle ground an knowing that I can walk onto this campus being a light, not just through my word but my actions as well.

"An audience of one" is what I will live this semester by. Knowing that in everything I do should be in his name and what others think of me and my insecurities should hinder me from doing the best I can this semester. I'm going to get straight A's.

** pic if me is at convocation today! With some elevation balloons :) **

August 7, 2012

Schedule has been validated.

I am now officially, officially...a Winthrop student. My schedule is validated and I paid and everything! It really is a funny story, everything had to be done today so yesterday I tried to complete it. I saved up just enough to put down a heafy down payment and then schedule out my payments for the next 3 months. I went to pay for my down payment and I end up paying for everything! I tried calling the school and of course everyone is calling with the deadline and I wasn't able to speak with anyone. I let it go and deiced to wait until today to find out more.

I woke up this morning and my mom gave me the bad news that the credit I applied for at best buy was denied, basically that I wasn't going to be getting a laptop. I was so worried with that and the over payment in mind and decided to just let it go and let God handle it and if he wanted me to have a laptop he would guide me there. I then proceeded to get online to see if anything had changed in my bank account or Winthrop account.

Turns out that sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning I was given a last minute grant...putting my balance in the negative...
SO I'll be getting a check from Winthrop....paying me about 1,250

That's basically a macbook pro.

Add that with my usual paychecks and school is covered, my books are covered and so is my laptop.