December 24, 2011

Alterbook pages

These are so not in order.
David bowie. I honestly just wanted to use him in a piece. This is too busy.

Some floating raspberries and this chick.
I wanted to almost recreate the marie antuinett piece here with the horizontal line going across and one subject matter. I really cut up some different face pieces and put them together in "abstract" way. I really enjoy this colorscheme. I wish she was more to the right.
Dave grohl of foo fighters on some seaweed and a closet and some rain=what I did this semester.
YES. OK pastel colors, light....simple, sharp. I love this piece. The "Clear your mind, free your senses" is on a transparent that is glue on top of the window. I like the use of the text with the transparent a ton and I am for sure going to try and incorporate it in another piece as well.
I don't know. I don't like this. Too much going on.
Reading was the theme. Books and an asian student felt appropriate. Colors were fancy and I tried to go for multiple subjects in this. I like it!
Yeah, math was the theme for this page to I went with a x....doesn't really explain math so well, but I tried the one subject in the middle and this isn't my favorite.
I don't remember what the prompt was for this one, but I loved my use of organic lines in this...I really want to use them again.
I believe the prompt for this one was science...I tried to go with like, scifi colors...
This seems to be everyone's favorite. It is simple, direct. Calm...and contains marie Antoinette. History was the theme.

Winter break update

So earlier I posted a mini post on a cup of coffee I had in the morning.
I was going really crazy on caffeine and ended up rearranging my room and putting all my supplies and junk together in my studio (I mean room...) Then doing the photo shoot...and doing a couple of mini pieces. Here they are!


Ok so I have ventured into photography land. With the help of my friend ashley and her handy dandy camera we embarked on a rather new adventure with my other friend leslie as our model. We kept it simple and safe for our first shoot, and I focused on portraits for possible mock ads and to try out Rembrandt lighting (attempt.) I threw in my fashion-y stuff and set her in different clothes and such.

I took about 250 photos over the entire shoot.

I was able to learn a lot about lighting after looking at the photos on my computer vs just the camera. It was a real challenge to move my sucky lamps around to try and really achieve what I wanted.

So here I have linked two different albums of is photos that I went a picked out from all my albums from basically the last year that I felt were alright...and then from my shoot today with Leslie.

Things I need to work on is editing these correctly, some that are too red, dark etc. And also in general would be subject matter. I know I played it safe like I said with these portraits but I really want to get outside the box and come up with some settings to throw some people in!

Past photos:

Leslie photos!:

let me know what you think!

December 23, 2011

Winter Break

I just had a cup of coffee.
I have a lot of things to post for you guys.

November 20, 2011

Massive Brainstorm: Notes

1- small renderings from assemblage piece
2-Sculpture using cloth idea
3- Simplistic piece, formal piece off of alter book page "history" with Marie Antoinette

~~~~work in progress ~~~~~

National Portfolio Day reflection

Well I don't think I have ever talked about my art for so long before. It honestly has given me a headache from the hours talking and standing and being excited for all the people I was talking too! Well I got there and walked in, registered. I waited in a line for a bit and then they let us all in. Basically it was a big room and there was tables set up all around and at them were specific schools and their admissions personnel. I learned that only schools who are NASAD accredited (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) are involved in National Portfolio day. So basically the quality were represented!

My approach once again was to get feed back on my portfolio, many people seem to be there with the goal to impress. Honestly I didn't even know that their were going to literally be colleges represented. Anyways I went to all the tables and spoke with the people who had the shortest or no line at all. I did not enjoy waiting in lines today so, I didn't!

I believe in all I spoke with 5 different people and I have come back with multiple ideas on possible pieces and a couple of main points.
1)I need to draw.
2) Technique/subject matter. Find common ground
3)Smaller may be better (for my medium of college)

So to elaborate some more on these points, basically they enjoyed the fact that I brought pieces in different mediums but also in my concentration. Many said it showed my enthusiasm to take risk and experiment. Within my concentration they liked that I brought pieces that show progress. As one person said one thing about a certain piece the next one said something completely different. And some comments were all the same. (Listed above!)

I also have the want to go back and do mini pieces that mock past pieces and do other pieces that elaborate or continue on another one as well. I am not sure how I feel about that though for the sake of my portfolio. I want variety but I also need to show progress. I really just need to draw.

I spoke in depth with the representative from New Hampshire Institute of Art and she gave me some amazing advice and basically mini drawing lesson. She told me that in her class room she follows the three L's Large Loose and Light when drawing. Gave me specific pointers on that when I do a study of a drawing to look at in head on and to give myself my entire arm for movement not laying it down and only having the motion in my wrist. She even told me to use newsprint (that I have!) and a grease pencil so I won't feel as if I am wasting material or the need to make things perfect.

I want to do this, I need to do this, I am going to do this. Weather I like it or not. Also, I need to time helps.

I have many ideas and I am confident that whatever I come up with within the next 5 months should be, interesting!

November 19, 2011

Scholarship ... ?

Well Winthrop has offered me their Dean Meritorious Scholarship of $500 for 2012-2013 school year. So I guess it did go as well as I thought. I'm really proud of myself for pushing me to go and keeping an open mentality through it all. I am so thankful to be an artist.

November 18, 2011


Well we all know our little tragic story on our assemblage pieces but beyond the sticky situation... I really enjoyed creating this piece. I have never really attempted working with found object before and working with this natural color scheme. I feel like it is very earthy and it inspired more of it in other pieces! If I were to do this again I would make something specifically stand out, or somethings. I feel like this is the first abstract piece I have done...

November 16, 2011


So here we are, diving into our concentration... This is Collage 2. I had no hesitation in this piece and I just started. I ended up with a gradient of images, not color (where in my current piece is what I am doing and it is not going well...) But we live and we learn and I like some aspects of this piece, I feel like the technical went really well, like with the gradient and my skill to cut paper straight and my first attempt at a font... Yes, this is not interesting to look at. You look, and then you look away, I need to work on keeping the viewer in.

November 3, 2011

General post

SO, I have added a new page to my blog in reference to my upcoming Winthrop portfolio review. I have come to the conclusion that I need to actually have a sketch book and sketch in it constantly. I want to get better in so many different aspects of my work it's almost like my art work is this mini life I have tagging along with my real life.

October 10, 2011

Alter book pages

This is the first collage piece that I put in my alterbook. The theme for this page was "blinded." I took it rather literally and placed three figures in different environments and well, blinded them. With X's, then I placed a rather focal point in the center, (to the side a bit), the big red dot. I'm not sure if there is any meaning behind it, but I feel like it ties them all together.

Here we have the cover of my alterbook. With my theme of "Vogue" and fashion, I just threw it all on there. The meaning, a model and a jacket. Very simple subjects on both the front and back, in a achromatic color scheme. Something about this piece that is rather small is the dull hits of color. In the buttons of the jacket, the brain scan photos and the picture of the front of the paris cafe. They are dull, warm and to me ad a sense of personality. Its almost ironic, fashion is all about expression, and this black and white.

October 9, 2011

My concentration

Well I have found my forte, in collage.
Fashion, and magazines and glue is where I belong.

I of course am still experimenting in different mediums but, collage.
I'll be uploading the things I have recently finished soon.

September 4, 2011


Yes, I spelt Redken wrong so sorry. I had a 45 minute time frame to kick out a good design piece and I personally believe it went rather well! I feel like with more time and a correctly spelled word this would be even better.
*I am starting to notice that when I just jump into things, they end up being all around better compositions
As for my drawing here, not complete but I really liked where I was going with this! Not sure why these unfinished pieces are being uploaded though.

The Dancer

First piece of the semester? CHECK (Photo is not final product)
I loved this lesson of movement, and I was able to practice my proportions. People are not just complicated in mind, but in drawing too.
I loved using line variation with the charcoal.
I also enjoyed the relation of this into my theme of Vogue, dance is always in fashion.

August 18, 2011


Finally everyone I have settled with a theme!

The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time

I will be incorporating physical pieces of fashion (cloth and buttons), the form of fashion in the sense of the human body, as well as the expression and emotion that one expresses through their clothing and demeanor.

May 20, 2011

Post 19: PRINT

This piece was so different to me, the process, the connection, the entire idea. I really felt like I was "making" this piece... a similar feeling I get when I do a collage. Maybe it has something to do with being able to see each step in the process and then seeing the final product. My company was something the sort of airplanes. With this "logo" I think I could even go with a travel agency, either way this was another piece I wanted simple. Something to represent the sky where the traveling is happening. So blue and white, instead of the plane white though I gave myself the ability to print all that blue to see the contrast when the black was to be later put on. It really sticks out and I really love my font as well I tried to push forward that feeling of going up...even made sure my marks were going in that direction on the plane! If I had to do something different I think I would have given myself more room for the font to be thinker. It was a challenge to get everything completely straight. After thinking about it though, it adds that human touch. Not everything is perfect.

Post 18: Pup

So in a previous post I shared some photographs of my pup Blanquita and decided to use them in my foreshortening piece. Each portrait has a different feel and when I started I didn't even know it was going to end with this. I liked not knowing where it was going but in a sense experimenting with the different mediums and sticking to black and white. I think that if I were to do this piece over though I would have stuck to one piece and done it BIG with a lot of detail. I wanted this to be simplistic and, well it is!'s a tribute to her.It's that whole bonding with another living being sort of deal.

Post 17: Peter max piece

We used image has to be the most interesting process to me we have done all year. We used Peter max as our muse and well, I wanted to express my theme of course. Warm colors all around and this self portrait. I really love this picture of me, that I took on my own, of enjoying the sun. (Originally myself looking out of a car staring into the distance of red fields. It really is just a warm piece, it's all I can think about when I look at it.

March 26, 2011

Post 16: My pup, Blanquita.

That is pronounced Blan-key-ta, by the way. It means little white in Spanish. At one time she really was little and white. Now she is, well. I really like photography.

Post 15: New

I have a done a lot of remodeling around here! I have changed my layout and have finally had the time to put together my portfolio. If you look right under my blog title, now Ruby, you see a page tab where you have all the pieces I have photographed so far. It is rather informal and not organized at all. At a later date with more time I will most definitely organize it to add dimensions and maybe actually tittle my pieces.

I also noticed that I have two really, oh how do I say this, different...styles?
I have a lot of black and white pieces, and then I have really dramatic, flowing, colorful pieces!
Does anyone have anything to maybe suggest on what is going on here or am I just seeing things.

This also makes me think of what possible style I have in general. I don't think I have found it yet. I am just doing what feels right.
Maybe that is a style in itself.

March 12, 2011

Post 14: Start to Sea Life in a new way

Well this is the process I went through shown in a handy dandy slide show! I'm so glad I finally posted this, for I do this for most my pieces! (Take pictures of progress) It has shown me a deferent perspective, almost like looking at your piece far away like we do in class. Anyway I think the best part about my piece is the theme. If I had not came up with the "ocean" theme and the swatch I made... I Knew that I would run out of pattern ideas. The ocean also gave me my color theme of mixing the cold and the warm colors in a balanced way. I did take my time and made sure that I was satisfied with every section of the piece, so that I was able to fufil the project requirements and have a piece I enjoyed! I think that once it is stretched it will look, hum, official. Thoughts?

Mentally, this piece has a lot of meaning. I didn't want to include perspective in this piece at all, flat figures, basic pattern. I really wanted to highlight all of the parts of the people that are flesh (arms, neck, face) By putting forward these parts it separates us from our materialistic parts...clothes. Plus, obviously these people are to be underwater, not our natural habitat. I wanted to position them in a way that they were all moving upwards as well, as an escape. So in a way, maybe these people have who all to seem be relatively the same are different. This shown in their different hands/feet parts. This being an example of society's popular opinion and fads, yet a group of people attempting to escape...within.

Am I rambling? These things make sense in my head, but not really with words, hahahaha probably why I am an artist.

***On another note, sometime soon I will be taken pretty pictures of all my pieces instead of just ones from my phone!

Song for this piece :

Post 13: Altered book theme page.

I decided to not directly state what my theme happens to be, but let everyone have their own interpretation from my, well, my theme page. Creating a theme in itself. Everyone looks through their own eyes! Here I have a very large human heart and a textured background and a quote that says:

"It all seems so familiar, this place, this city."

March 8, 2011

Post 12:Public art has really captured my attention a very controversial piece. I relate this to the assignment we had to write why we wouldn't be able to do some public art.

March 7, 2011

Post 11: Documentary !

I feel like "popular" art today is street work...


March 3, 2011

Post 10: Video Medium

I am so sad that I won't be able to meet this man,Anthony Schrag. Does anyone remember me saying in class the other day the action of hitting yourself (On a table or corner) and responding with an "ow" after hearing a thump?

I have a feeling that he would understand. If you go to his website under "Me doing stuff" and then "The Suddenlys" and watch them, I feel like those pieces and my concept almost coincide with each other.

Also check out the rest of his website...they are short little explanations of things he has done with a maybe 1-2 min video. He really has somewhat inspired me to do try a different Capturing the real life moment; short, sweet and to the point.

Also Michael Beitz, a current in studio artist at McColl center has this installment on his site, its the frame of the home...moving with a bicycle pedal. ...

He doesn't have the video online but in the gallery it loops, and well...
Who has a video camera?

March 1, 2011

Post 9: MOMO

His name is on Manhattan.

February 20, 2011

Post 8: Pictures from the McColl Center

So If you haven't seen my post on The Art studio, go check that out first here

Ashley (Barnes) came with, and we used her Nikon d60 with a 35 mm fixed lens. These here are all ones she took. We also have a little discussion on one of her photographs that I really want to get some feed back on yadda yadda.
(yet I am conflicted with uploading these for the rule on no pictures of us...but these are great and I want to share them. Hum I'll save them for later and play it safe.)

Erin Riley

Marcia Jones

Patricia Steele Raible

February 14, 2011

Post 7: Precisionism Class piece 1

So this piece I really like now it has the black and white monochromatic feel along with red that really pops and creates a form of balance amongst the piece. I really learned the lesson of balance in this because the perspective poses that draw of the eye yet... level with the over whelming white and red "out of place" color. Almost like I had taken the picture to begin with and black and whited the entire picture except for the red film. Also, it's rather abstract because you don't really know what it is. It is actually lights from the aditorium. They remind me at lights at the shows I go to. The ones that blink and such. I like this piece now. I didn't like the challenge of painting flat, but at least now I know how to do it.

Happy Valentines Day! I like sugar.

January 31, 2011

Post 6: Altered book Page1- Mechanical parts with one dominating shape

I don't know how I feel about this...

I used a lot of odd ways about going about this piece. I started off with the key idea, mechanical...that is the origin of mechanics, I mean keys have been around since the Egyptian lock like possibly 4,000 years ago. I wanted to make it original cause well the typical response to mechanical is gears. Any ways, so as you know we have to take that prompt and combine it with our theme (that I have yet to post) But basically doors represent choices, yet one is open slightly...and there happens to be a key not that far away...and the door that is open happens to be the only one with the keyhole.

Yet where the key is located, is rather hectic. Where as the doors are clear cut. Key representing yourself, where as decisions are more of a left or right deal yet in this case is chosen for you in the open door.

Then you see the "heart beat" wired line that connects all the enlarged doorknobs. Sometimes things are given to you, like the easy way out of situations. Yet you have other possibilities. That feeling of being "on the fence" is very personal when it comes to emotional decisions. What better way to show that then a physical heart beat.

Your heart on the line between decisions.

So that is the emotional explanation but the physically labor part is here...
I got the idea for the doors from the plug in my wall, the way I was looking at it from an angle just I liked that rectangular shape. Then I added the idea for the key in with doorknobs and then tied that in with my theme. I was in one of my art supply box looking for something more "mechanical" I was looking, looking and repeating mechanical over and over again for hours. Then I switched to metal...and then I found pipe cleaners! The ones with the fuzzy stuff, well I tore it apart and got the heart beat going. Then I got stuck for a day, and I was just going to paint the rest of the thing black...but when I sat down again tonight I was messing around with some paint on a broken CD and I noticed you get this really cool effect when you like scrap it on. So I used the back of my experimentation page from my theme page and basically made all the parts for the almost collage back round only using black and red and it turned out mixing really really well and interpreting my idea to have that as "my mind" and confused. I ended up tying the wire on with some thread and painting over the doors again with white just to touch it up and well. Done.

My mechanical part here is really physical and metaphorical. The lock and key, then the brain and decision making. And the shape is defiantly all the doors, so the rectangular polygon thing I have going on there.

I learned that wire is really cool, that paint technique is really cool, door knobs are awesome, and collecting all those nick-knacks like keys are finally being put to use.

My song to go along with this piece is


January 27, 2011

Post 5: Possible picture reference for Precisionism piece

Yes, these are all the same picture but flipped and cropped...not sure what I'm going with just yet.

Post 4: Brainstorming...

Sometimes I get ideas of something I want to represent in a piece, or for the situation at hand...the assignment of the piece. Basically what we are doing now is precisionism and mechanical related objects. Straight lines, flat colors yadda yadda.

Not going to lie here, this is not my favorite subject. I like the idea of making it more of an abstract piece and cutting and such, I just don't see any substance in it. Personally, to relate this to my theme (that is in the works...) It seems a bit difficult to interpret to the uninformed viewer, hopefully there will be a discussion period.

Anyways, back to the brainstorming. I get maybe a certain word, in this case for the altered book submission I have been contemplating on MECHANICAL. What does the word mechanical physically look like. What do people think of then they hear the word mechanical. My first thought is gears, like in a clock and such. But that has to be to easy...I have over time collected pieces of random parts or buttons, springs, pins and KEY'S.

So with that, I think that what I am going to do with my altered book is connect the two keys together as if they are 'gears.'
In this way it will metaphorically relate back to my theme...and hopefully qualify as "mechanical parts with one dominating shape."
Am I the only one that feels like these altered books have to be super abstract or do I have the wrong impression here?
Either way I'm going to do what I want.
My brain hurts.

January 25, 2011

Post 3: Culture Comparisons
Subway life shows the sketches of different people on different subway stations all around the world.

The idea of being able to evaluate and document people all around the world sounds rather nice. Imagine the comparisons you would be able to make between cultures in that detail!

Works in different places around the world on "Magicalurbanism"

Just some sights to look at!

January 22, 2011

Post 2: When in search for inspiration...

I often find myself lurking the internet looking for appealing images to hopefully trigger something in my brain. (even though it hardly ever works)

Here is one of my favorite website, FFFFOUND!
It lets users post and share favorite images of theirs found online and recommends other images for pure Check it out!

Post 1

So this is that last piece that I did on my own over winter break. I started out with that sketch,(sorry for bad quality photo) and basically replicated the sketch the best I could with broken CD pieces. I had friends bring me old CD's and blank ones for me to use and it worked out really well!
What I really like about the skull has to be its form. I don't think I have the right words to describe why I like the human body and its shape so much, it has always been interesting to me! So I got this idea of creating a collage type piece I could metaphorically represent "Music on my mind" or "Lyrics suck in my head."
Also what I really liked about working with broken CD is the reflection it gives off, it's not just like a mirror image you get to see little rainbows in each piece giving a originally monochrome image, color! Almost like it is holding its own secret...

I really want to do more pieces around the idea of the human body. I loved using the broken CD's and attempting to come up with more odd medium as such.

2011, New semester!

So I want to have a beginning post so I have a little introduction before going head-on into posting my own work, along with things I run into online and while out and about! (I figured out mobile updates!)

So with that being said, here you are going to see past pieces of mine, projects in the works not only in my Art-3 class but as well as my Digital Art and design class and even possibly things from journalism! I am so excited about all these new classes and so excited I have this blog to document it all with you guys ...

Sure hope I am doing this right.