January 31, 2011

Post 6: Altered book Page1- Mechanical parts with one dominating shape

I don't know how I feel about this...

I used a lot of odd ways about going about this piece. I started off with the key idea, mechanical...that is the origin of mechanics, I mean keys have been around since the Egyptian lock like possibly 4,000 years ago. I wanted to make it original cause well the typical response to mechanical is gears. Any ways, so as you know we have to take that prompt and combine it with our theme (that I have yet to post) But basically doors represent choices, yet one is open slightly...and there happens to be a key not that far away...and the door that is open happens to be the only one with the keyhole.

Yet where the key is located, is rather hectic. Where as the doors are clear cut. Key representing yourself, where as decisions are more of a left or right deal yet in this case is chosen for you in the open door.

Then you see the "heart beat" wired line that connects all the enlarged doorknobs. Sometimes things are given to you, like the easy way out of situations. Yet you have other possibilities. That feeling of being "on the fence" is very personal when it comes to emotional decisions. What better way to show that then a physical heart beat.

Your heart on the line between decisions.

So that is the emotional explanation but the physically labor part is here...
I got the idea for the doors from the plug in my wall, the way I was looking at it from an angle just I liked that rectangular shape. Then I added the idea for the key in with doorknobs and then tied that in with my theme. I was in one of my art supply box looking for something more "mechanical" I was looking, looking and repeating mechanical over and over again for hours. Then I switched to metal...and then I found pipe cleaners! The ones with the fuzzy stuff, well I tore it apart and got the heart beat going. Then I got stuck for a day, and I was just going to paint the rest of the thing black...but when I sat down again tonight I was messing around with some paint on a broken CD and I noticed you get this really cool effect when you like scrap it on. So I used the back of my experimentation page from my theme page and basically made all the parts for the almost collage back round only using black and red and it turned out mixing really really well and interpreting my idea to have that as "my mind" and confused. I ended up tying the wire on with some thread and painting over the doors again with white just to touch it up and well. Done.

My mechanical part here is really physical and metaphorical. The lock and key, then the brain and decision making. And the shape is defiantly all the doors, so the rectangular polygon thing I have going on there.

I learned that wire is really cool, that paint technique is really cool, door knobs are awesome, and collecting all those nick-knacks like keys are finally being put to use.

My song to go along with this piece is


January 27, 2011

Post 5: Possible picture reference for Precisionism piece

Yes, these are all the same picture but flipped and cropped...not sure what I'm going with just yet.

Post 4: Brainstorming...

Sometimes I get ideas of something I want to represent in a piece, or for the situation at hand...the assignment of the piece. Basically what we are doing now is precisionism and mechanical related objects. Straight lines, flat colors yadda yadda.

Not going to lie here, this is not my favorite subject. I like the idea of making it more of an abstract piece and cutting and such, I just don't see any substance in it. Personally, to relate this to my theme (that is in the works...) It seems a bit difficult to interpret to the uninformed viewer, hopefully there will be a discussion period.

Anyways, back to the brainstorming. I get maybe a certain word, in this case for the altered book submission I have been contemplating on MECHANICAL. What does the word mechanical physically look like. What do people think of then they hear the word mechanical. My first thought is gears, like in a clock and such. But that has to be to easy...I have over time collected pieces of random parts or buttons, springs, pins and KEY'S.

So with that, I think that what I am going to do with my altered book is connect the two keys together as if they are 'gears.'
In this way it will metaphorically relate back to my theme...and hopefully qualify as "mechanical parts with one dominating shape."
Am I the only one that feels like these altered books have to be super abstract or do I have the wrong impression here?
Either way I'm going to do what I want.
My brain hurts.

January 25, 2011

Post 3: Culture Comparisons

Subway life shows the sketches of different people on different subway stations all around the world.

The idea of being able to evaluate and document people all around the world sounds rather nice. Imagine the comparisons you would be able to make between cultures in that detail!

Works in different places around the world on "Magicalurbanism"

Just some sights to look at!

January 22, 2011

Post 2: When in search for inspiration...

I often find myself lurking the internet looking for appealing images to hopefully trigger something in my brain. (even though it hardly ever works)

Here is one of my favorite website, FFFFOUND!
It lets users post and share favorite images of theirs found online and recommends other images for pure inspiration...online. Check it out!


Post 1

So this is that last piece that I did on my own over winter break. I started out with that sketch,(sorry for bad quality photo) and basically replicated the sketch the best I could with broken CD pieces. I had friends bring me old CD's and blank ones for me to use and it worked out really well!
What I really like about the skull has to be its form. I don't think I have the right words to describe why I like the human body and its shape so much, it has always been interesting to me! So I got this idea of creating a collage type piece I could metaphorically represent "Music on my mind" or "Lyrics suck in my head."
Also what I really liked about working with broken CD is the reflection it gives off, it's not just like a mirror image you get to see little rainbows in each piece giving a originally monochrome image, color! Almost like it is holding its own secret...

I really want to do more pieces around the idea of the human body. I loved using the broken CD's and attempting to come up with more odd medium as such.

2011, New semester!

So I want to have a beginning post so I have a little introduction before going head-on into posting my own work, along with things I run into online and while out and about! (I figured out mobile updates!)

So with that being said, here you are going to see past pieces of mine, projects in the works not only in my Art-3 class but as well as my Digital Art and design class and even possibly things from journalism! I am so excited about all these new classes and so excited I have this blog to document it all with you guys ...

Sure hope I am doing this right.