March 26, 2011

Post 16: My pup, Blanquita.

That is pronounced Blan-key-ta, by the way. It means little white in Spanish. At one time she really was little and white. Now she is, well. I really like photography.

Post 15: New

I have a done a lot of remodeling around here! I have changed my layout and have finally had the time to put together my portfolio. If you look right under my blog title, now Ruby, you see a page tab where you have all the pieces I have photographed so far. It is rather informal and not organized at all. At a later date with more time I will most definitely organize it to add dimensions and maybe actually tittle my pieces.

I also noticed that I have two really, oh how do I say this, different...styles?
I have a lot of black and white pieces, and then I have really dramatic, flowing, colorful pieces!
Does anyone have anything to maybe suggest on what is going on here or am I just seeing things.

This also makes me think of what possible style I have in general. I don't think I have found it yet. I am just doing what feels right.
Maybe that is a style in itself.

March 12, 2011

Post 14: Start to Sea Life in a new way

Well this is the process I went through shown in a handy dandy slide show! I'm so glad I finally posted this, for I do this for most my pieces! (Take pictures of progress) It has shown me a deferent perspective, almost like looking at your piece far away like we do in class. Anyway I think the best part about my piece is the theme. If I had not came up with the "ocean" theme and the swatch I made... I Knew that I would run out of pattern ideas. The ocean also gave me my color theme of mixing the cold and the warm colors in a balanced way. I did take my time and made sure that I was satisfied with every section of the piece, so that I was able to fufil the project requirements and have a piece I enjoyed! I think that once it is stretched it will look, hum, official. Thoughts?

Mentally, this piece has a lot of meaning. I didn't want to include perspective in this piece at all, flat figures, basic pattern. I really wanted to highlight all of the parts of the people that are flesh (arms, neck, face) By putting forward these parts it separates us from our materialistic parts...clothes. Plus, obviously these people are to be underwater, not our natural habitat. I wanted to position them in a way that they were all moving upwards as well, as an escape. So in a way, maybe these people have who all to seem be relatively the same are different. This shown in their different hands/feet parts. This being an example of society's popular opinion and fads, yet a group of people attempting to escape...within.

Am I rambling? These things make sense in my head, but not really with words, hahahaha probably why I am an artist.

***On another note, sometime soon I will be taken pretty pictures of all my pieces instead of just ones from my phone!

Song for this piece :

Post 13: Altered book theme page.

I decided to not directly state what my theme happens to be, but let everyone have their own interpretation from my, well, my theme page. Creating a theme in itself. Everyone looks through their own eyes! Here I have a very large human heart and a textured background and a quote that says:

"It all seems so familiar, this place, this city."

March 8, 2011

Post 12:Public art has really captured my attention a very controversial piece. I relate this to the assignment we had to write why we wouldn't be able to do some public art.

March 7, 2011

Post 11: Documentary !

I feel like "popular" art today is street work...


March 3, 2011

Post 10: Video Medium

I am so sad that I won't be able to meet this man,Anthony Schrag. Does anyone remember me saying in class the other day the action of hitting yourself (On a table or corner) and responding with an "ow" after hearing a thump?

I have a feeling that he would understand. If you go to his website under "Me doing stuff" and then "The Suddenlys" and watch them, I feel like those pieces and my concept almost coincide with each other.

Also check out the rest of his website...they are short little explanations of things he has done with a maybe 1-2 min video. He really has somewhat inspired me to do try a different Capturing the real life moment; short, sweet and to the point.

Also Michael Beitz, a current in studio artist at McColl center has this installment on his site, its the frame of the home...moving with a bicycle pedal. ...

He doesn't have the video online but in the gallery it loops, and well...
Who has a video camera?

March 1, 2011

Post 9: MOMO

His name is on Manhattan.