May 18, 2012

Quality #5

So this piece is the final one I created to complete my quality section of the Ap exam. I was going to submit my alterbook but after deliberation I felt almost a challenge to create something new (along with some guidance from Brandt too of course with suggesting a portrait) I was at first inspire by some artist whom I dont remember his name but either way this turned out more of my own work. I alternated with dark intense colors in one section, with washed out ones in the next. I really love the halo around her and the simplicity of her face. The only thing I would do different with this piece is the background colors. I do not like them.

Concentration 13 (but really taking place of 10)

I tried to incorporate my mechanical lines within my subject matter in this piece and a simple ground to really focus on the focal point. I really enjoy these colors but I feel like there is something missing and this should continue on to the lower left.

Concentration 12

 Well this was my final piece for my concentration. I had difficulty finding variation in the the blue and green color category but I liked my concept of the over lapping "stars." It worked but I would not consider this a success.