July 29, 2012

Kids and My Major

I met these two little precious girls the other night, actually they are the daughters of my moms friend who is a spanish professor at Winthrop! Anyways they were precious and they kind of just glued to me when I was there. We hung out for like 3 hours, I felt like a kid with them and didn't spend any time with the adults. One of the ladies that was there asked me if I was going to be a teacher one day, and well that is the plan. She said she wasn't surprised! Wow! Maybe I really am supposed to work with kids, my plans has always been to work with high school or university one day but this makes me wonder if I should keep the option open of teaching younger.... I guess we will see!

Also would like to mention a recent realization I have had about my major and everything at Winthrop. Turns out I have been confused all along... so basically for the next 4 years I will be getting my BFA and near the end of it I will start taking classes in the education field. THEN the 5th year summer, and year (3 semesters total) I will be getting my teaching certification AND my masters! How fabulous is that!!!!!!! I'M JUST AN ART KID. I CAN FOCUS ON ART. ARTY art.

July 28, 2012

Things going on

I know that through the summer my posts have been rather un-art related. Well...get ready because welcome week @Winthrop starts in only 3 weeks!!! Until then I have many things to do and get done so I'm just going to make one of my usual handy dandy lists!

  • Salon meeting, class and hair day on Monday (I love my job) (I just got a raise!)
  • Work, work and more work.
  • Go on one final kayaking trip this week before my friend leaves for school.
  •  Aug. 11th I'll be leading Back the Pack with Rock Hill School district. Ill be in charge of a section of events that day!!!
  • Hopefully finish my room and nail all of my frames and things together! 
  • ...Buy my books............
  • Go shopping for like...a shelf, and weird house things. 
  • Validate my schedule and decide on my payment plan before aug 7th, oooo
  • Following that... finalize my budget for this semester. 
  • ooo Find out if my loan can be taken out of my other account instead of my savings. Id like to save you know?
  • Figure out a good tear down method for resources at Elevation....and recruit more peoples
  • Start school
  • Chaperone the student event at the end of welcome week with Elevation 
ARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTARTART Until next summer or the rest of my life you know.   

July 20, 2012

Project Runway

I don't watch much tv other than style channel or E! but seriously I could watch project runway forever. There is something about the medium of fabric... that doubles as clothes...that you can use. Its phenomenal. I can only hope that I will come across a class or someone who knows how to make clothes that can teach me.

When I watch project runway I want to get up and go into my room close the door and create. All of these people are incredibly passionate about what they do, given these people that make it to the show are the top out of everyone who went out. There was a show about artist, I think there was only one season and I feel like fine art is so, there is just so much its so broad...

 With fashion, well you have to wear it.

That's it. I'm going to learn how to make clothes. I want to go to goodwill, get a piece and alter it. So many pieces are old and yet have wonderful fabric and basis... google take me there.

July 17, 2012

Things I need to learn

How to put images on a cd.

July 4, 2012

July 4th

So I have traveled 4 hours to little old Wilmington, NC. I have been staying with my friend and her boyfriend here on UNCW campus. Being here makes me like Winthrop so much more. UNCW is a beach school, there are a lot of really smart individuals who go here and well it's weird because I am not used to being around smart people. I know that sounds really weird but I just feel like in Rock Hill we are a different kind of smart. Comparing Winthrop and UNCW...I belong at Winthrop. The setting and the way Winthrop looks. It looks established. UNCW  looks like it was just placed here, like plop. I am ready to go back home. Every time I leave Rock Hill I find a reason or something comes up where I should be in town for. I love the ocean but I love my home. Can school start already?