Work done before 2011


Pre Sketch for Collage. Pencil on paper. 

Tempra paint on tri-fold board. Interpretation of 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh 

Tempra on sketch paper

Altered Book Theme Page 
Pre-thought to altered book page, mechanical parts with one dominating shape. Sketch book.

Altered Book page. Mechanical parts with one dominating shape.
Tempra on sketch paper.

Altered Book page. Formal wear.

Altered Book Page. Pockets. 

Altered Book page. Illustration of an eye. Collage.

Sharpie on Bristol Board. 
Rose. Tempra on sketch paper.

Sunset. Tempra on watercolor paper.

Still life. Sharpie. Prisma Color on paper. 

Tempra paint. Sharpie. Oil Pastel on Canvas.

Crayon on black paper. 

Broken CD glued on black paper. 

Pencil on bristol board.

Pen on paper. Elaborate doodle. 

Sharpie on bristol board.

Sharpie. India ink on paper. 

Sketch book page. Alien. Artificial Intelligence. 

Sketch Book page. Skull.

Sketch book page. Octopus. 

Sketch book page. Attempted Zombie

Doodle. Pearls.

Doodle. Poise.

Blue flowers. Painting. Tempra on drawing paper. 

Door collage.

I have no idea what this is. Painting. Tempra on drawing paper. 

Collage. Magazine on poster board. 

Dance. Doodle. 


  1. All of your work is so different and so alike at the same time. I love it ALL!

  2. The giraffe sketch is my favorite. I literally went "AWWWWWWW" outloud.