December 24, 2011

Alterbook pages

These are so not in order.
David bowie. I honestly just wanted to use him in a piece. This is too busy.

Some floating raspberries and this chick.
I wanted to almost recreate the marie antuinett piece here with the horizontal line going across and one subject matter. I really cut up some different face pieces and put them together in "abstract" way. I really enjoy this colorscheme. I wish she was more to the right.
Dave grohl of foo fighters on some seaweed and a closet and some rain=what I did this semester.
YES. OK pastel colors, light....simple, sharp. I love this piece. The "Clear your mind, free your senses" is on a transparent that is glue on top of the window. I like the use of the text with the transparent a ton and I am for sure going to try and incorporate it in another piece as well.
I don't know. I don't like this. Too much going on.
Reading was the theme. Books and an asian student felt appropriate. Colors were fancy and I tried to go for multiple subjects in this. I like it!
Yeah, math was the theme for this page to I went with a x....doesn't really explain math so well, but I tried the one subject in the middle and this isn't my favorite.
I don't remember what the prompt was for this one, but I loved my use of organic lines in this...I really want to use them again.
I believe the prompt for this one was science...I tried to go with like, scifi colors...
This seems to be everyone's favorite. It is simple, direct. Calm...and contains marie Antoinette. History was the theme.

Winter break update

So earlier I posted a mini post on a cup of coffee I had in the morning.
I was going really crazy on caffeine and ended up rearranging my room and putting all my supplies and junk together in my studio (I mean room...) Then doing the photo shoot...and doing a couple of mini pieces. Here they are!


Ok so I have ventured into photography land. With the help of my friend ashley and her handy dandy camera we embarked on a rather new adventure with my other friend leslie as our model. We kept it simple and safe for our first shoot, and I focused on portraits for possible mock ads and to try out Rembrandt lighting (attempt.) I threw in my fashion-y stuff and set her in different clothes and such.

I took about 250 photos over the entire shoot.

I was able to learn a lot about lighting after looking at the photos on my computer vs just the camera. It was a real challenge to move my sucky lamps around to try and really achieve what I wanted.

So here I have linked two different albums of is photos that I went a picked out from all my albums from basically the last year that I felt were alright...and then from my shoot today with Leslie.

Things I need to work on is editing these correctly, some that are too red, dark etc. And also in general would be subject matter. I know I played it safe like I said with these portraits but I really want to get outside the box and come up with some settings to throw some people in!

Past photos:

Leslie photos!:

let me know what you think!

December 23, 2011

Winter Break

I just had a cup of coffee.
I have a lot of things to post for you guys.