June 27, 2012

50 Days

I have 50 days until school starts.
I have finished my room.
Kind of.

I had WINTHROP ORIENTATION!  I have registered for classes!

  • 2D design
  • 3D design
  • Drawing
  • Intro to fine arts
  • Writing 101
  • That one class I have to take because I am a freshman. 
I have my fancy student ID and schedule set up and I turned in that one form and now I just need another form and then find out how I am even paying for school and woooo! I am kind of glad I am not living on campus. It's kind of gross and the food is kind of alright and well my moms is better for sure. I have my ID so I can go on campus now and do all the cool student things that involve a swipe of my card. 
Here I am at orientation: 

Anyways it was hot, a ton of walking was involved and well I have trouble sleeping I am so excited. Getting very motivated.

June 12, 2012

Room redesign post 2

Tiffany Blue and white walls with black accents is the theme here if you can't tell. I have 2 striped walls, another white and the other blue. The vertical stripes have elongated my room and the lighter colors give me such a cleaner feeling. I have soft lighting coming in next and more black accents with photos and such. As you can see in 4th photo down I have my mini studio. Finally a clean and sane place to really start working on art at home. Plus that cool triangle shelf is where all my materials and such are going. So glad to finally have that too.  I hope that once I put all my junk back it wont over power the space.

I am also looking forward to printing off all my photos for the frames and Ive already printed off the ones for the collages I want to do. One of them I know for sure is going to be all my high school photos with friends and events through the 4 years...and another one about my journey as an artist! I have a pic of me when I was 4 in my first art class! I love it! I can't wait to highlight these things into official DIY pieces to keep forever.

If anyone happens to have any questions about the stripes...It took 3 days, a level and ruler a pencil...some tape a A TON of patience.

June 7, 2012

I seriously find the coolest things in thrift stores.

 This is a cool old chair. It was super comfy but the colors don't go with my new room...
And this is a cool lamp shade...that I may just have to make myself.

Interior design?

There is a question mark there because I am currently redesigning my room. Blue tape and paint is involved so I am saying its appropriate to add to my art blog... I never thought that I would ever use blue tape for its actual purpose.

So far I have done the main painting job. I am going from a very intense pink to dove white and true turquoise. It has been a real hassle covering the pink. Ive had to do a primer and then lay down thick layers of paint. Only my two hands have touched these walls and these two hands of mine are in pain.

 So I am off to take a break, I am going to thrift stores around to pick up picture frames/ glass/ mirrors for my plans to decorate my walls. Black is going to be my accent color. I want to make memorabilia collages of like high school and my accomplishments and photos and such to break up the striped walls.

Don't forget I have to spray paint my shelves and letters black and probably all of the frames I buy.

I seriously had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I was also given the opportunity to spray paint everything I own black.