May 20, 2011

Post 19: PRINT

This piece was so different to me, the process, the connection, the entire idea. I really felt like I was "making" this piece... a similar feeling I get when I do a collage. Maybe it has something to do with being able to see each step in the process and then seeing the final product. My company was something the sort of airplanes. With this "logo" I think I could even go with a travel agency, either way this was another piece I wanted simple. Something to represent the sky where the traveling is happening. So blue and white, instead of the plane white though I gave myself the ability to print all that blue to see the contrast when the black was to be later put on. It really sticks out and I really love my font as well I tried to push forward that feeling of going up...even made sure my marks were going in that direction on the plane! If I had to do something different I think I would have given myself more room for the font to be thinker. It was a challenge to get everything completely straight. After thinking about it though, it adds that human touch. Not everything is perfect.

Post 18: Pup

So in a previous post I shared some photographs of my pup Blanquita and decided to use them in my foreshortening piece. Each portrait has a different feel and when I started I didn't even know it was going to end with this. I liked not knowing where it was going but in a sense experimenting with the different mediums and sticking to black and white. I think that if I were to do this piece over though I would have stuck to one piece and done it BIG with a lot of detail. I wanted this to be simplistic and, well it is!'s a tribute to her.It's that whole bonding with another living being sort of deal.

Post 17: Peter max piece

We used image has to be the most interesting process to me we have done all year. We used Peter max as our muse and well, I wanted to express my theme of course. Warm colors all around and this self portrait. I really love this picture of me, that I took on my own, of enjoying the sun. (Originally myself looking out of a car staring into the distance of red fields. It really is just a warm piece, it's all I can think about when I look at it.